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Aurora Limited, a leading geophysical company in Kazakhstan, has commenced a new ground magnetic survey project in the Aktobe Region using high-precision GSM-19W Overhauser magnetometers from GEM Systems (Canada).


Aurora Limited operates based on the best global practices and knowledge in geological exploration, employing modern innovative technologies, equipment, and unique methodologies while adhering to high standards of safety, health, and environmental protection. This new project aims to enhance the understanding of subsurface geological structures, providing critical data for mineral exploration and resource management in the region.

Project Highlights:


Cutting-Edge Technology: The GSM-19W Overhauser magnetometers utilized in this survey offer exceptional precision and reliability, enabling Aurora Limited to capture detailed magnetic data.


Sustainable Practices: Committed to environmental stewardship, Aurora Limited ensures that all activities are conducted with minimal environmental impact, adhering to stringent safety and environmental protection protocols.


Expert Team: Our team of experienced geophysicists and engineers brings a wealth of expertise and a track record of successful projects in geophysical exploration.


For more information about Aurora Limited and its services, please visit our website at www.aurora.kz or contact us at info@aurora.kz.