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Aurora Limited organized the Kazakhstan Day program at PDAC 2024 in Canada. This event featured prominent participants from various sectors, including government officials, industry leaders, and international investors.


Key participants included:


Kazakhstan Government Officials: High-ranking representatives from the Kazakh government, such as the Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development, who discussed national policies, regulatory frameworks, and support for the mining sector.


Aurora Limited Executives: Senior executives from Aurora Limited provided insights into organisation of Kazakhstan Day, their projects, technological advancements, and the company's role in promoting Kazakhstan's mineral resources.


Industry Experts: Renowned experts in geology, mining, and mineral exploration shared their knowledge on Kazakhstan's rich mineral deposits, innovative exploration techniques, and sustainable mining practices.


International Investors: Representatives from global investment firms and financial institutions explored investment opportunities in Kazakhstan's mining industry, discussing potential collaborations and financial incentives.


Business Delegations: Delegations from various mining companies and service providers showcased their products and services, aiming to establish partnerships and expand their presence in Kazakhstan.


The program aimed to highlight Kazakhstan's vast mineral resources, attract international investment, and foster collaboration between local and global stakeholders. Through presentations, panel discussions, and networking sessions, participants gained valuable insights into the opportunities and challenges in Kazakhstan's mining sector, ultimately strengthening the country's presence in the global mining industry.