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Aurora Minerals Group and RPA Inc. have signed a General Services Agreement under which both firms will work together in Kazakhstan and throughout Central Asia.

RPA is recognized as a world leader in the assessment, audit and analysis of mineral resources and mineral reserves in accordance with all international standards and reporting codes (CIM in Canada, PERC in the UK, SAMREC in South Africa, JORC in Australia and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission). The RPA team of geological, mining, and metallurgical consultants has provided expertise and advice internationally for more than 35 years. RPA’s clients include major mining companies, exploration and development firms, banking, government, law firms, individual investors, and private equity.

RPA provides expert advice to clients in the mining industry from evaluating an early stage exploration project through to resource estimation to the stage of bank financing and stock exchange listing. All of this is based on RPA’s solid extensive experience in exploration, mine development, and operations.

The recent acquisition of RPA Inc. by SLR Consulting Ltd. has significantly expanded the range of mining services provided. SLR specializes in the oil and gas, mining and minerals, infrastructure, built environment, industry, financial services and power sectors. Operating across 30 technical disciplines, SLR deliver on a wide range of both strategic and project-specific issues to a growing base of business, regulatory and government clients.

The collaboration between Aurora Minerals Group and RPA Inc. is the introduction in Kazakhstan and throughout Central Asia of the leading international standards of work in the geological, mining-engineering and environmental spheres of both the mining and energy industries, including the assessment and management of relevant risks.

For more details on our available services, teams, and project experience, please go to www.aurora.kz and www.rpacan.com.