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Higher or secondary special geological education

At least 5 years

  • Professional education;
  • The status of a competent person (preferably);
  • Experience in reporting on CRIRSCO, KAZRC, JORC, NI 43-101, GKZ RK standards;
  • Membership in professional organizations AIG, AusIMM, London Geological Society, PONEN, NAEN;
  • Experience in geological exploration for various types of minerals (especially precious and non-ferrous metals);
  • Ability to analyze and summarize historical materials of the geological Fund;
  • Knowledge of methods of mineral exploration and technologies of geological exploration for various types of minerals (especially precious and non-ferrous metals);
  • Knowledge of QA/QC quality control principles and assurance;
  • Knowledge of Micromine;
  • Knowledge of mineral economics and financial and economic modeling;
  • Experience in organizing and coordinating the work of project teams and field teams (preferably);
  • Membership in professional organizations is welcome;
  • Perfect knowledge of English.


Office manager


Higher education

At least 1 year

  • Administrative and economic skills;
  • Knowledge of the basics of office work;
  • Knowledge of business ethics;
  • Competent speech, presentable appearance;
  • Knowledge of English, level - not lower than intermediate;
  • Ownership of all office programs.




Higher, geophysical

At least 5 years

·         Higher professional geophysical education (electrical, magnetic, gravity, radiometry, aerogeophysics);

·         Knowledge of the methodology for performing geophysical surveys;

·         Ability to design field geophysical works;

·         Knowledge of data quality control procedures, processing, analysis and interpretation of geological and geophysical materials in specialized SOFTWARE (Geosoft Oasis MontajTM, Coscad 3D, SIGMA-3D, MapInfo, Surfer, ArcGIS, ZOND);

·         Ability to model and visualize geological and geophysical data;

·         Experience in making final reports and presentations;

·         Experience in providing recommendations for the placement of exploration wells, taking into account the results of the interpretation of geophysical data;

·         Perfect knowledge of English.


Specialist in subsoil use


Higher, technical

1-3 years

·         Knowledge of the code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on “subsoil and subsoil use”;

·         Knowledge of by laws in the field of Geology and subsoil use;

·         Knowledge of the procedure for granting subsoil use rights (licenses for exploration and production);

·         Knowledge of the procedure for providing periodic reports in accordance with the requirements of the legislation on subsoil and subsoil use;

·         General knowledge of the exploration process (drilling, Geophysics, etc.)


Chief accountant


Higher, economic

More than 6 years

·         Experience in the field of subsoil use;

·         Experience working with non-residents;

·         Experience with the Bank Client, experienced PC user, including 1C version 8;

·         knowledge of the "taxpayer's office", ESF;

·         Attentive;

·         Trainable;

·         Executive;

·         Responsible;

·         Conscientious.


Drill rig operator


Higher or secondary special education

More than 5 years

·         Experience on modern core drilling machines (Epiroc, Sandvik, Boart Longyear);

·         Management of the drilling process taking into account geological conditions;

·         Full organization of work on the site in accordance with the requirements of safety standards;

·         Control of terms and quality of work, acceptance and delivery of completed works;

·         Knowledge: 

- purpose, device, rules for installation, dismantling and operation of drilling and power equipment, its characteristics;

- design of drilling rigs and structures, rules for their processing and development;

- technological modes, rules and methods of drilling and expansion of wells with and without core selection in normal and difficult conditions;

- geological and technical order for the well;

- purpose, composition, methods of preparation and processing of washing liquids, rocks, and complex solutions;

- instructions for core selection and storage;

·         Performance' responsibility.

* The salary level is determined by the results of the interview.

If you meet the requirements, please send your resume to info@aurora.kz or career@aurora.kz.