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       Almaty, Kazakhstan – September 28, 2023

    On September 20, 2023, Kazakhstan marked a significant milestone in its mining industry as the Kazakhstan Chamber of Mines (KCM) officially commenced its mission. This remarkable event unfolded against the backdrop of the 28th Central Asian Exhibition "Mining & Metals Central Asia," drawing enthusiastic participation from more than 60 industry representatives from Kazakhstan, the UK, Australia, Canada, Iran, Turkey, and Europe.


     Key Highlights of the Event:

     Welcome and Introduction: Ms. Taskyn Koshman, General Director of the Kazakhstan Chamber of Mines, extended a warm welcome to all attendees, setting the stage for valuable insights and collaboration.


      Inaugural Address: Mr. Timothy Barry, CEO of “Arras Minerals” and Co-Founder of the Kazakhstan Chamber of Mines, delivered an important speech, explaining the Chamber's significant role and how it can benefit everyone involved in the industry.


     Focus on Investment: Mr. Alex Walker, CEO of “East Star Resources” and Co-Founder of the Kazakhstan Chamber of Mines, gave an enlightening talk on the importance of encouraging investments in mining exploration.


   Sustainability Discussion: Ms. Zhanar Faizuldayeva, Independent Environmental Consultant and Board Director of the Kazakhstan Chamber of Mines, explored the challenges related to sustainability and the complex issues faced by Kazakhstan's mining industry.


      Exploring Investment Opportunities: Mr. Said Sultanov, Partner at “Aurora Minerals” and Co-Founder of the Kazakhstan Chamber of Mines, presented an engaging perspective on the investment potential within Kazakhstan's dynamic mining sector and became a member of the Board of directors of the Chamber.



      A Champion of Democracy: The Chamber's founders highlighted its commitment to democratic principles, all industry organizations/companies have equal representation. Founding Board members have pledged to serve an initial 6-month term, paving the way for broader membership participation in future elections.


    Global Ambitions: The KCM looks to increase Kazakhstan's influence on the world stage in mining and exploration, taking inspiration from prominent organizations like the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC) in Australia and the Mining Association of Canada and other.



      A Shared Vision: As the newly established Chamber begins its mission, it invites all industry stakeholders to come together to work towards a common goal: building a prosperous and sustainable mining industry that benefits Kazakhstan and its people. Following the formal proceedings, participants gathered for a Networking Reception, fostering valuable connections among industry leaders.